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PIHL - Association Data Form

PIHL Organizations 

Please make sure you have your Association Data form updated with the 2020-2021 Season's personel.  PIHL is sending communication to your organization from the Association Data Form.  If you're not getting communications please reach out to your organizations President.  If your organization is still not able to update the form please reach out to the commissioners office.


PIHL - OPERATIONS MEETING (Team Manager's & New PIHL Coaches)

PIHL will be holding  Operations Meetings

(Team Managers and NEW PIHL Coaches required to attend)

August 15th  11am-1pm
August 18th   7pm-9 pm
August 22nd  9am-11 am 


Please Mark your calendar!

 The meetings will be held with Microsoft Teams technology.  You are encouraged to login 15 minutes before the scheduled time – using the links above - to download browser extensions (if necessary) to join meeting.  We will be discussing the upcoming season.  If you have any questions please reach out to the commissioners office.

Please Click on Date to Join the Meeting

PIHL Pre-Season Registrar Meetings

Registrar Meetings 

Please chick on the Date to attend meeting!

July 23rd, 2020  7pm -9pm

July 25th, 2020  9am- 11am

July 29th, 2020 7pm – 9pm

Aug 15th, 2020 9am- 11am

Click on the  Date to get to the Meeting  - When you login please put your name and your organization. 

Before you attend a meeting please make sure you can log into the USA Hockey Portal, if you can not please reach out to  Michelle at



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