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Please note: 

All West Virgina Games for Varsity, JV and Middle School have been postponed up until March 1st 2021 at this time please watch Website for Updates as we get them.

State Finals will are still scheduled for  April 24, 2021

Next BOG Meeting will be January 13th, 2021 


Please watch games schedules for your team pages 
We will be moving games around since the shut down
If you have any questions please reach out to 
Commissioners office 


PIHL Organizations

 Sports Engine is having some challenges with a few things this year

RSVP APP not working for organization games directly linked to the PIHL Website
Games on organizations websites are showing from last years season
 Please note, we have a ticket into Sports Engine for all these issues and they are working on the above problems.

We hope that soon they will have these resolved. 
We want to Thank You for your help and patience while Sports engine gets these worked out.

Thank you
Commissioners Office

Senior Night Guidelines

All ceremonies are restricted to 2 minutes per senior or a maximum of 15 minutes, whichever is less

Any additional time needed must be used on ice purchased by the association, if available

The Game Coordinator and/or On-Ice Officials shall end any ceremony that exceeds the time limit

The curfew time begins at the expiration of the allotted time for the ceremony

No additional curfew time is granted due to a ceremony
All game slots shall begin with a clean ice surface

Individuals permitted on the ice surface during a PIHL ice slot shall be limited to:

Varsity players in full uniform except for helmets

Parents of senior players, only on secured carpeting

Junior Varsity and Middle School players in full equipment, including helmets

No other individuals shall be permitted on the ice surface

Please send to Carol Walker -
Date of Request for Senior Night
How many Seniors along with if your organization will be purchasing additional ice from the rink

Requests need to be turned in by 12/1/2020

***Please note: These guidelines may change because of restrictions for Covid-19 please check with PIHL for updates prior to senior night.

Covid-19  Ice Rink Policies Updated 

Please Visit
Please also check  Individual Rink's Websites as Procedures will change based on any new mandates from Governor Wolf, Midam, CDC and USA Hockey.

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