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PIHL Player Spotlight: Addison Stewart

By PIHL, 10/30/19, 5:45PM EDT


NAME: Addison Stewart

TEAM: Freeport Yellowjackets

YEAR: Junior


JERSEY #: 49

Q: What got you started in hockey and how old were you?
 I was in second grade when I first asked my parents to play hockey. At the time, I was playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. My parents signed me up for many sports to try but had never even thought of mentioning hockey. I felt like I was getting a late start since most of my friends that played hockey had been playing since kindergarten.  But I was able to pick up on it pretty quickly, and I came to love the sport.

Q: What is the single best thing about playing for your PIHL team?
 I love being able to represent my school for hockey. Even at such a small school, the varsity hockey team still gets a lot of attention. I often get teachers asking me when and where we play on game days, and we've had large student sections at many of our games in the past. It's nice to play with all hockey players at our school on one team, even though we are spread out among different teams and age groups in travel hockey.

Q: What do you enjoy most about playing high school hockey in the PIHL?
 It's just a great sport, and it's cool that hockey shares some of the major rivalries with other schools that other sports do.

Q: What is the most-memorable hockey game you ahve ever been involved in with your PIHL team?
 The most-memorable high school game for me would be when we played Fox Chapel on senior night last year. I had played with all of the seniors since I had basically started hockey, so seeing them leave was memorable.  Plus, a large number of classmates came to support us and watch our seniors' last game.

Q: Which opposing PIHL team do you really enjoy playing against, and why?
 For me, it was always great playing Deer Lakes. Freeport and Deer Lakes are big rivals in nearly every sport. Lots of classmates come to watch us play Deer Lakes, and the games are always very close. I have also made friends from Deer Lakes through playing travel hockey, so it's always fun to see old teammates. After battling them hard the past few years, I'm pretty upset that we won't be facing them this year since they didn't field a varsity program.

Q: Are there any routines or rituals you must stick to before every game, such as listening to a certain song?
 I personally don't have any routines. I'm generally not too superstitious when it comes to pre-game rituals.

Q: If you were put in charge of the entire sport of hockey and could change just one thing about the game, what would it be?
 I've never understood why kicking the puck into the net isn't allowed. It seems like a minor change, but there aren't many things about hockey that I would change.  So I would probably make kicking the puck into the net legal.

Q: Are you involved in any other organized sports or activities outside of high school hockey?
 I play travel hockey, in addition to high school. Outside of hockey, I have played high school soccer the past three years and recreation soccer since I was 4. I also run track in the spring, mostly sprints.

Q: What is something unique about you that most people would be surprised to know?
 I have pole-vaulted for the Freeport track team since my freshman year.

Q: What are your two favorite apps on your smartphone, and why?
 I try not to spend too much time on my phone, but of course I use Snapchat to text people.  I also like the NHL app to track all the teams throughout the season.

Q: Would you rather be Superman or Batman, and why?
 I would choose Superman since he has superpowers, while Batman is just a normal dude.

Q: What person outside of your family has done the most for you?
 My first ever hockey coach, Bernie Marrese, gave me a chance to get into the game when other teams wouldn't take me, and he taught me a lot of life lessons through hockey.

Q: What plans do you have for after you graduate from high school?
 I don't have much of an idea of what I want to do yet, but I plan to go to a four-year college for something math or science related.