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Sunday, January 26, 2020
RMU Island Sports Center

Player Information


Our annual all-star event is the ultimate community event: hundreds of high school hockey enthusiasts get together for a fun-filled day without worrying about the scoreboard.  The PIHL will showcase its top student-athletes at the event, as we strive to recognize the talents and accomplishments of those players.  We want all players to enjoy their experience that day, including the game and the college expo.  The information below will assist the participants in preparing for the event.

2020 PIHL All-Star Games webpage


All players listed on the team rosters for the games have explicitly made a commitment to be at the game for its full duration.  That commitment is expected to be upheld.

  • The PIHL, at its sole discretion, withholds the right to level a 1-game suspension to a player's next PIHL regular-season game for any player who the league feels did not make the appropriate effort to honor his commitment to the all-star game.
  • Case-by-case consideration on suspensions will always be given to a player who sustains an injury or significant illness that truly prevents the player from participating in the all-star game.  But the PIHL expects that players in those situations contact the PIHL at the first opportunity, even if it is just to alert the league of any possibility for a player missing the game.
  • Players cannot back out on their commitment from this point forward for reasons similar to being tired, sore, etc.  Nor can a player not show up because his amateur team had an "unexpected game" or similar, including advancement in a tournament to a game that is not necessary on the team's tournament schedule.
  • Please understand that alternate players can be found for open spots in the game if enough notice is provided to the league.  By backing out of your commitment with late notice or trying to wait out an injury/illness, there is less of a chance of finding a replacement.  Only the league is empowered to name a replacement; please do not send a teammate to fill your spot.
  • Please communicate early with the PIHL if there is any sort of potential problem/conflict so that a plan can be established for the situation.  This simple courtesy will go a long way towards allowing the league to run a smooth event and towards ensuring that every spot in the game gets filled by a deserving player.


The PIHL is returning to the format of using the school jerseys in its All-Star Games.  All participating players must bring a white/light and dark school uniform to the event, including the matching light and dark socks and any matching shells used by the school.  If your team employs a gray uniform as its third jersey, please do not bring that option in order to avoid confusion in the game.  The players assigned to Team Blue will wear dark; the players assigned to Team Gold will wear light.  A player may be switched to the opposite team with late notice, so both sets of uniforms are needed by all players.  And please wear only your team jersey -- not one with a different number than listed on the All-Star rosters.  The scoresheets and game programs will match the numbers on those rosters, and the player directories provided to the scouts in attendance will be listed according to the assigned jersey numbers.


As you should know, the games are on Sunday, January 26th at the RMU Island Sports Center.  The game times are as follows:

  • Class B All-Star Game = 12:00 PM
  • Class A All-Star Game = 2:00 PM
  • Class AA All-Star Game = 4:00 PM
  • Class AAA All-Star Game = 6:00 PM


All players must arrive at the rink no less than 60 minutes prior to the start time of your game.  Any player who is late takes the risk of not being eligible for the game, so please arrive on time!  Check-in will be in the rear of the main lobby of the rink, just outside of the locker room hallway.  You be given a team credential, an all-star gift, and packet of information upon check-in.   A team meeting in your locker room will take place shortly after the check-in period ends.  Specific check-in times are, as follows:

  • Class B All-Star Game: by 11:00 AM (no earlier than (10 AM)
  • Class A All-Star Game: by 1:00 PM
  • Class AA All-Star Game: by 3:00 PM
  • Class AAA All-Star Game: by 5:00 PM


The credential and lanyard you are given at check-in must be worn any time you are outside of your locker room and not in your equipment.  Only credentialed individuals will be able to enter the locker room hallways, and individuals not wearing credentials (or game equipment) in those hallways will be removed from the area.  So if you walk out of the locker room without your credential -- including to go to the lobby -- you will experience problems getting back to your locker room.   Additionally, team credentials should not be given to any other individual.  Anyone illegally using a credential will be removed from the building, and the person who provided that credential may be ejected from the game.


The PIHL will have a photographer on-site to take team pictures and live action shots for all four games.  Information on purchasing photos can be found using the link at the bottom of this section.  No other commercial photography is permitted, and no non-credentialed photographers (including a "team photographer") will be allowed on the ice, near the bench areas, or in the locker room hallways at any time to take pictures.  Players will need to exit the ice surface immediately following the games to allow the next game to begin on time, so please do not plan to have any photos taken at that time.

There will also be large banner of the PIHL All-Star Game logo displayed in the lobby of the rink, near the check-in table.  This offers a great backdrop for players to have photos taken by their families, including group photos with teammates, coaches, and family members.  Players are encouraged to use this area before and after their games for pictures instead of trying to arrange for pictures in restricted areas.

David Hague Photography


The players participating in the All-Star Game at each classification have been divided into two teams, including PIHL teammates being sorted across both all-star teams.  The game rosters will be posted to the PIHL website and social media platforms on Monday, January 20th, with updates given to the website rosters as any changes occur from there.  A player already on a roster will be notified directly in the unexpected event that he is moved to the opposite team for the game.  A link to the event page on the PIHL website is listed below, where there is a tab for each classification's roster.

2020 PIHL All-Star Games webpage


The players will enter the ice prior to the ice resurfacing for team pictures and the warm-up period, starting 10 minutes prior to the listed game time.  Individual player introductions will happen immediately after the ice is resurfaced, prior to the opening face-off.  The ice will not be resurfaced during either of the intermissions.  The game itself will otherwise follow the standard format of a PIHL Varsity games for period lengths, overtime, etc.  These details will be explained to you in further detail in the meeting in your team's locker room after the check-in period.


With several scouts expected to be in attendance throughout the day, many players will be asked to briefly talk with a scout in the hallway outside of the locker rooms after the game.  This is the primary means of scouts talking to players, and the coaching staff of your team will assist in this process.  Players should wear something identifiable in these instances -- such as their PIHL jersey or a school/team jacket -- to help the scout remember each player.


After the conclusion of each game, participating players and their immediate family members are invited to the Hat Trick Club overlooking the rink.  There will be free pizza and beverages provided to the players, and many of the local colleges will have a table set up with a team representative and informational literature.  This is the primary means of players talking to scouts from schools/teams for which they are interested, so all players are encouraged to visit this area before leaving the rink.

College Hockey Mid-America
College Hockey East


Pittsburgh Hockey Digest will be providing live video webcasts for all four all-star games.  Those broadcasts can be accessed through the PHD website by using the links below.  The broadcasts will remain archived for future viewing.

Pittsburgh Hockey Digest website
PHD Class B Webcast
PHD Class A Webcast
PHD Class AA Webcast
PHD Class AAA Webcast