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Sunday, January 26, 2020
RMU Island Sports Center

Media Information


Class B Game - 12:00 PM

Class A Game - 2:00 PM

Class AA Game - 4:00 PM

Class AAA Game - 6:00 PM


7600 Grand Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15225

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The PIHL All-Star Games will be played within the Colonial Arena inside the facility.


No parking is reserved for media since there is ample vehicle parking in the lots surrounding the arena, which is free to the public.  ADA parking is also available on the side of the building, to the left when facing the the main entrance to the arena.  Those spots are marked accordingly.

If equipment needs to be unloaded upon arrival, the drop-off lane immediately in front of the main entrance to the arena can be used.


No pre-registration is required of media for this event, but all media members must sign-in upon arrival at the venue.  The sign-in area will be located in the back of the main lobby of the venue, near the entrance to the locker room hallway.  All media members must present a valid media credential upon sign-in and then will be issued an event credential to gain free access to the games.  Please wear your event credential at all times while in the facility. 


The press row at the top of the spectator seating area is reserved for media on a first-come, first-served basis.  This section is divided from the general public, and unauthorized individuals can be removed from the designated area simply by notifying a member of the PIHL event staff.

A portion of the press row is reserved for the Pittsburgh Hockey Digest broadcast team; please do not take spots marked for their group.  The press row has several power supplies for free use.

Additional tables will be established along the top of the seating areas as overflow for media members.  These tables will be marked as "Media Only" and will have some power supplies in their area.


The event credential issued to the media must be worn at all times while in the arena.  This credential grants free access to the press row and seating areas throughout each of the four all-star games.

The ice surface during the event shall only be accessed by Team and Staff personnel, as designated on the credentials.  Media will not be permitted on the ice surface at any time nor for any reason.

The locker room areas are restricted as a safety measure for the players and to limit distractions to the athletes.  Media personnel needing pregame access to coaches should first obtain permission from the PIHL Event Staff.  The locker room areas will be opened to those with proper event credentials following each game.  The coaches from the teams will remain outside of their locker rooms after the games to assist the media in summoning a player out of the locker room.  For player safety, no media member is to enter a locker room at any time nor for any reason.

If visual footage -- including pictures and video -- is required of any post-game interview, media is asked to only do so in the area at the far end of the locker room corridor, away from the entrances to the locker room doors.  The PIHL event staff will be monitoring these areas to ensure player safety and the privacy of minors.


Credentialed media members taking photographs shall do so only for editorial and publishing purposes.  No photos from the event shall be used, sold, nor distributed in any other capacity without the express written consent of the PIHL.

Photographers shall only receive media credentials if they are from a valid media outlet and present proper media credentials upon check-in.  Commercial and non-professional photographers, including "team photographers," shall not be given event credentials for the event.

Those with event credentials will not be allowed on the ice, near the bench areas, nor in the locker room hallways at any time to take pictures.  Non-credentialed individuals with photography equipment shall be limited only to the general seating areas inside the arena.

The official PIHL photographer shall be credentialed as a member of the Staff; no other photographer shall have Staff access.  As such, no other photographer shall have access to the ice surface for the pre-game introductions and post-game festivities.


Pittsburgh Hockey Digest will be providing live (and on-demand) broadcasts of all four PIHL All-Star Games.  There is no fee to view these broadcasts.  The PIHL owns all rights to all PIHL-sanctioned games, so no other live broadcasts or streams of the games is permitted by any entity without the express written consent of the PIHL.  If a media outlet is interested in broadcasting or filming the all-star games, that group should be in contact with the PIHL Commissioner’s Office at least 24 hours prior to the event.