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Sunday, January 26, 2020
RMU Island Sports Center

Coach Information


Our annual all-star event is the ultimate community event: hundreds of high school hockey enthusiasts get together for a fun-filled day without worrying about the scoreboard.  While our student-athletes take center stage during the all-star festivities, our participating coaches are certainly not forgotten.  Your dedication to our league is a vital ingredient to our collective success, and we greatly appreciate the efforts you put forth for your teams and your players.  We want you to enjoy your experience that day and make the most out of the "community" aspect of the event.  The information below will assist the coaches in preparing for the event.


We ask that our coaches reinforce our league's high standards for professionalism in what they wear at this event.  We certainly do not expect tuxedos and bow-ties; we simply expect that the coaches care enough about their craft and this sport to help our league the earn the respect we all desire.  As a reminder, there will be a large media presence at this event, as well as several hundred people in attendance for each game.  Please represent yourself, your school, and our league accordingly.


The PIHL will have warm-up pucks and water bottles for each all-star squad, so the coaches will not need to bring any of those supplies.  The warm-up pucks will be put on the ice by the PIHL staff after the team pictures are completed.  Water bottles will be filled by the PIHL staff prior to each game and put on the team benches.  If a coach needs a marker board, clipboard, or similar, that will remain his responsibility. 


As you should know, the games are on Sunday, January 26th at the RMU Island Sports Center.  The game times are as follows:

  • Class B All-Star Game = 12:00 PM
  • Class A All-Star Game = 2:00 PM
  • Class AA All-Star Game = 4:00 PM
  • Class AAA All-Star Game = 6:00 PM


The players have been asked to arrive no later than 60 minutes prior to the start of the game, and we would like the coaches to do the same to ensure a smooth lead-up to the opening face-off.  Check-in will be in the back of the main lobby of the rink, just outside of the locker room hallway.  You be given your team credential and special gift at this time.  Specific check-in times are, as follows:

  • Class B All-Star Game: by 11:00 AM (no earlier than 10 AM)
  • Class A All-Star Game: by 1:00 PM
  • Class AA All-Star Game: by 3:00 PM
  • Class AAA All-Star Game: by 5:00 PM


The credential and lanyard you are given at check-in must be worn throughout the day.  Only credentialed individuals will be able to enter the locker room hallways, and individuals not wearing credentials (or game equipment) in those hallways will be removed from the area.  So coaches are asked to put on the credential and keep it on to avoid problems getting to and from your locker room.   Additionally, team credentials should not be given to any other individual.  Anyone illegally using a credential will be removed from the building, and the person who provided that credential may be ejected from the game.


The PIHL will have a photographer on-site to take team pictures and live action shots for all four games.  There will also be a designated period prior to each game for professional photographs to be taken in the lobby in front of the large PIHL All-Star banner.  This provides an opportunity for players to have high-quality photos taken with their PIHL teammates, coaches, and families.  Information on purchasing photos can be found using the link below.  No other commercial photography is permitted, and no non-credentialed photographers (including a "team photographer") will be allowed on the ice, near the bench areas, or in the locker room hallways at any time to take pictures.   Players will need to exit the ice surface immediately following the games to allow the next game to begin on time, so please do not plan to have any photos taken at that time.

David Hague Photography


The players and coaches participating in the All-Star Game at each classification have been divided across two teams, including PIHL teammates being sorted across both all-star teams.  As part of the mission to provide a variety in the line-up combinations, coaches are requested to compose lines/pairs in a similar spirit -- please do not put PIHL teammates on the same line/pair, when possible.  And certainly feel free to mix up those lines/pairs throughout the game so players get to play with (and meet) a variety of their all-star teammates.  The game rosters can be found on the PIHL webpage for the event, with a tab for each classification and a listing of selected players who are not able to participate.  Players will be wearing their PIHL school jerseys again for this year's All-Star Games, and they have been asked to bring dark and light uniforms to the game, including socks and shells.  Players on Team Blue will wear dark uniforms; players on Team Gold will wear white/light uniforms.  The PIHL will handle all aspects of preparing the scoresheet for the game.

2020 PIHL All-Star Games webpage


The PIHL staff will be organizing a short, pregame meeting with each squad about 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of each game.  This will take place in each team's locker room.  We ask that the coaches help get their players in their room and ready for this meeting so that it can be done quickly.  We will also need all of the team's coaches to be in that meeting also to assist in executing the details related to the game.


The protocol for the game will be similar to what was employed at lest year's event, which includes several variations from what is used in the PIHL regular season.  This process will only go well if the coaches understand the approach and assist in its execution.  A detailed protocol sheet will be posted outside of your locker room for reference.  In basic summary:

  • The players will enter the ice prior to the ice resurfacing for team pictures and warm-ups, starting 10 minutes prior to the listed game time.  Essentially, the warm-up will take place at the end of the ice slot of the previous game/event.
  • The pictures need to happen quickly so the players -- especially the goaltenders -- get a full warm-up.  Coaches will be on the ice for the team pictures and are asked to help get their players lined-up for the pictures.
  • We will have a total of 10 minutes to complete the pictures and the warm-up period.  With 3 goaltenders for the game, we hope that 6-7 minutes of that time can go towards the warm-up period, but that will depend entirely on the time it takes to get the pictures completed.  Cooperation is needed to do that!
  • The teams will return to their locker rooms after the warm-up for the ice to be resurfaced.  Players are not to leave the locker room hallways during this time to go to the lobby, and coaches are responsible for ensuring that restriction is applied.
  • Individual player introductions will happen immediately after the ice is resurfaced.  Players need to be lined-up in the hallway in numerical order, with Team Blue going first in each game.  Coaches need to ensure that players are in the hallway in time for introductions, then coaches can go around the ends of the rink to the team bench.
  • Players will remain across their respective blue lines throughout the introductions and then for the playing of the National Anthem.  The opening face-off will take place immediately after the anthem.
  • The ice will not be resurfaced during either of the intermissions; we will play all three periods, straight through.
  • The game itself will otherwise follow the standard format of a PIHL Varsity games for period lengths, overtime, etc.


The coaches are asked to help get all players off the ice after the post-game handshake.  The team photos and warm-up period for the next game will begin immediately, so we cannot have players lingering on the ice.  No one is able to enter the ice for photos at this time, so coaches should not be trying to coordinate or assist in any such activity.  Once the players are in the locker rooms, coaches are asked to remind their players of the post-game scouting opportunities and the college expo (see below).


With several scouts expected to be in attendance throughout the day, many players will be asked to briefly talk with a scout in the hallway outside of the locker rooms after the game.  This is the primary means of scouts talking to players, and the coaching staff plays an important role in making this connection happen.  Scouts are not to enter the locker rooms for any reason -- no coach should permit that to happen.  The coaches should assist in retrieving players from the room and getting them to the scouts.  Also, please ensure these players are wearing a shirt when they exit the room, ideally wearing something identifiable (PIHL jersey or school/team jacket) to help the scout identify and remember each player.


After the conclusion of each game, the coaches are invited to the Hat Trick Club overlooking the rink for free pizza and beverages.  The participating players are also invited to this area, where many of the local colleges will have a table set up with a team representative and informational literature.  This is the primary means of players talking to scouts from schools for which they are interested.

College Hockey Mid-America
College Hockey East


Pittsburgh Hockey Digest will be providing live video webcasts for all four all-star games.  Those broadcasts can be accessed through the PHD website by using the links below.  The broadcasts will remain archived for future viewing.

Pittsburgh Hockey Digest website
PHD Class B Webcast
PHD Class A Webcast
PHD Class AA Webcast
PHD Class AAA Webcast